Editor’s Note

Dear all,

This week is the diversity week. It is the time to celebrate all the wonderfully different things about us. Because it should not come as a surprise that we as people are all different and we all have our differences. In Maynooth, no two people are the same. I know, this sounds corny but it must be said.

Diversity may be observed through different things: our appearance, cultural differences, to even to how we perceive the world. All those things make us different, and put the world in a varied perspective.

It is not something that we should fear: that we are all different from each other. It is too simple to become a sheep that follows the crowd; even our education system does not permit too much individuality. Regardless, I beg you to preserve your own individuality, your own sense of ego.

Of course, I am not talking about being selfish, or malicious to others. I am merely reminding you that it’s fine not to be the same as someone else. Indeed, that sounds obvious but it is too easy to forget that especially when similar social attributes are expected from us all.

I wish you all a pleasant week and I hope that you will enjoy this week’s issue of MU Times.

With warmest wishes,

Mags (creative editor)