Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Last week began in a bleak fashion. We all have heard about Kym Owens’s assault which happened on the Moyglare Abbey estate. Kym has suffered serious head and facial injuries and is currently hospitalized.

Many of us consider Maynooth to be a student town, and in general we feel safe here. This is our ‘home away from home’.

However, we’ve all be there. We’ve waked home alone from the library to get the late bus or train; or from The Roost or Bray’s on a night out. We do not fear venturing out and having a life. As simple as it sounds, we shouldn’t trust everyone and must be weary of the people we see. We need to exercise caution and take extra care. Individuals with dangerous motives lurk around.

For example: protect yourself by wearing fluorescent vest so that the drivers of cars can see you.  Do not assume that someone will see you. Ensure that you are seen.

Do not be selfish about it either. Look out for the others, even outside your group. If you see someone leaving the library late, wait and leave with them. It’s dark out there. Don’t make anyone feel that they are alone.

I wish you all a safe week. Mind yourself. It’s dark out there.

With warmest wishes,


Creative editor