Editor’s Note

Dear all,

I am beyond delighted to welcome you to the second issue of MUT. Already, we are on the second issue! And this week’s issue can be summarized in two words: politics and culture. I suppose, if we are going to talk politics might as well break the subject with a bit of culture!

This week is the week of the SU elections. You, as a Maynoothian have a choice as to who will be your representative. Hence, is important to cast your vote and in the hope of getting your political opinions be acknowledged. Individually, we don’t feel like our opinions matter but as a communal unit they can make a huge impact. Apathy is also a vote.

Additionally, we are currently living in the aftermath of the General Election. So, what happens now?

Finally and funnily, the time has arrived to bid an adieu to all of those ‘Give Leo an Oscar’ memes. After many nominations, Leo finally won that Oscar! How many of you will concur with me that he takes the Britannia-metal-statue to bed each night and weeps out of sheer happiness? Leo, we are extremely ecstatic for you. Hope the statue will treat you with respect.

“Spotlight” is the film that won the best picture at the Oscars. MUT has sharply reviewed this journalistic, truth – seeking story. Make sure you dabble at the review.

A review of the artist Bones is an extension of the culture here on MUT. Bones is a hip hop artist that acquired some exposure after A$AP Rocky remixed one of his songs. It is beneficial to acquaint yourself with the underground musicians before they become mainstream. This is how you don’t feel so out of the loop when the artist gets real famous!

And finally, the English department entertained the best-selling author and journalist Louise O’Neill. She is the woman behind the novels: “Only Ever Yours” and “Asking for It”. Both are modern and gripping reads that raise questions about feminism and consent. Highly recommended for the eye-opening contend!

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor