Editor’s Note

Dear all,

We are no longer resigned to eating our food cold or walking around with rumbling tummies because we can’t heat up our food! Those days are long gone because the microwaves have returned to the common room! Do I hear a cheer from everyone?! These are opened from 12-3pm each day and there is also a hot boiler so you can have a warm cuppa on the cheap. It’s just another way to save some dolla dolla.

Tuesday the 21st February, Rose of Maynooth was held in The Venue in Maynooth. The night itself was a bit of a play on the well-known Rose of Tralee event which happens annually in Country Kerry. A couple from each society was nominated and prepared an artistic performance on stage. Everyone who entered the contest said it was ‘sheer craic’. SU definitely had proven itself to be a place to be!

On the topic of SU, the forthcoming SU elections are fast approaching. Please, be prepared for all the freebies and gimmicks you are going to be a recipient of so the candidate can win your vote. But I would strongly advise to take into consideration the politics of the fellow students who are running. After all, it is a political election.

I wish you all a good week.

With warmest wishes,