Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Study week is once again upon us. Can you believe that it is study week already? Didn’t we just finish with the Christmas exams? Now we are taking a small break before we prepare for the next session of mind-boggling tests!

However, here at MUT we hope that you won’t be too disheartened by the: still-colder-than-necessary weather. Because the theme of this issue is: recreation and affirmation.

Study break is theoretically the time to catch up on all the missed lectures; finish up assignments; and perhaps prepare sample exam answers. Potentially, it is the time to sort out your summer plans. Holidays in the sizzling sun you say? However, holidays don’t just have to be spent on the sandy beach, with a fluorescently pink cocktail tightly clasp in your hand. There are other and slightly more rewarding ways that can be utilised to spend the long lazy warm days. Informed and educated hitching is one of them.

But that’s recreation aimed for summer. However, it is incredibly important to be able to rewind throughout the year. It is worthwhile to educate yourself on the activities provided by the Clubs and Soc, and the other events that are happening off campus but still in Maynooth. The debates, or the regular events held by the Common Grounds Collective – a group of individuals whom at their even show case the local artistic talent. The sheer wealth of local talent should never be forgotten.

Yet, social relaxation is more than often associated with social lubricants such as alcohol. An important question that we as Maynoothians have to ask each other is: “should or shouldn’t Maynooth have a RAG week?”

In all of this, it is important not to only get caught up in ourselves, consider some occurrences of the REAL WORLD. Who is to blame in the Kesha- Sony case? And is the Catholic Church genuine in offering Richard Dawkins prayers after his stroke?

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor