Editor’s Note

After week of a break, MUT is back with plenty of vibrant content. We want you to make the best out of your return to college. There are plenty of positives about coming back. We focused on the five most effective ways; but even seeing your mates is a huge one.

However, before we fully get stuck into the old and dull pattern of: lectures, tutorials and assignments, we need to communally think about the 1916 events of this weekend. It is hugely important to Remember, Reflect and Reimagine about those who fought for the independence and the culture of the peoples of Ireland. Through those nationally run events, we are remembering the bloody, emotion filled events. Being present at those events allows us to reflect about what was lost and what was gained. Now, in 2016 we can imagine, thus re-imagine a fresh future for Ireland.

Do I see faint sun-rays peeking through the grey clouds? Maynoothians, we might actually get a summer!! However, with the weather getting warmer, things can get a little frisky. There is nothing wrong with a bit of frisky fun, but you know what’s more important? Consent, consent and once more time consent. Yes means Yes, No means No and a vague answer is not an answer.

Finding someone who you fancy and want to be with is a laborious task. Cheryl Tweedy/Cole/ Fernandez-Versini is a good example of that.  Regardless, you don’t have to be a Cool Girl or even a Cool Boy (!) to get some, definition being: a pleasant creature designed to provide pleasure. Pardon the cheese, but be your own person. There is no better way to explore what kind of person you are unless you undergo personal growth and development.

Going to see a film or listening to new music can do the trick. Check out our reviews, you never know what you might be tempted by! I would also encourage anyone to attend MENding monologues a male – veered version of the Vagina Monologues. It must be socially understood that all develop differently physically and emotionally. Everyone is entitled to how they wish to express themselves, regardless what gender they are.

Have you ever wondered why Leo mentioned Global Warming and being in sync with nature during his winning speech at this year’s Oscars?  I was blindly baffled too. However, after watching the film Leo produced: ‘Cowspiracy’ I am no longer so baffled! Oh incidentally, hasn’t Electric Picnic just sell out super quick this year?!

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor