Editor’s Note

Dear all,

On Wednesday night, the SU venue was packed with people. So many Maynoothians were present for the European Premiere of MENding – men veered version of Vagina Monologues.  It was wonderful to see. All the socially important issues such as: rape, consent, and sexuality were raised in a series of eloquent and entertaining monologues. On behalf of MUT, I would like to congratulate everyone who took a part in it. You were all brave and did a marvellous job.

But seriously, can you believe that this the beginning of the second (!) week we are back after Easter? The exams are fast approaching and time is dissolving like ice on a hot summer’s day.

Is it me, or does the SU bar get more and more packed the closer it actually gets to exams? Do not fret! You don’t need to get to the bar to feel all nice and light and tipsy. A good ole’ gaff session can do just the trick. And it’s cheaper too. However, I’d carefully check the location of that potential drinking sesh. Make sure all of those the people you live with are comfortable with the influx of drunk people. Perhaps, college accommodation is not the best place to host one of those sessions. Things could get a little messy. Its college accommodation, things are already messy and dirty!

Don’t you just think that it’s a wonderful phenomenon how nice all the girls are to each other when drunk in a club?

If everyone in the world was so nice to each other at us – girls – in the club bathrooms when totally locked … This world would be am much, much better place.

Possibly, salvation can be found for us all. I am sure you have heard about #SaveTheCulture initiative on Facebook. Y’know… you send someone a book, and then then you get books in return? Knew you heard of it! There is this other vibrant world outside the world of social media. I strongly suggest you check it out!

However, exploring culture does not have to end with literature. Remember, concerts and cinemas are places where an education can be had. Or sort of an education.

After all, sharing the culture equates saving the culture.

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor