Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Maynooth was the host of a massive debating competition which was the Maynooth Open.  Debating teams from all colleges in Ireland arrived in Maynooth. For two whole days heated topics were debated, leaving everyone involved exhausted but intellectually satisfied. MUT would like to congratulate everyone who was involved in the running of the event.

However, that is not the only event that happened recently in Maynooth. MAD Soc produced a successful production of Rent which was held in our own Aula Maxima.  Rent tells a story of a group of impoverished creative minds who are struggling to survive yet make a life for themselves in New York City’s East Village. Again, MUT would like to congratulate everyone involved in putting forward a successful enterprise.

The theme of this week’s issue is rights and most importantly the right to freedom; right to expression; and right to your own work.

We all heard about the physical brutality the animals right’s protesters in Tallaght were a subject to as they fought for freedom of the animals confined in the circus. All earthlings should have a right to freedom, a life free from suffering regardless of their gender and other orientations. And as Casey Neistat – successful YouTuber – shows that freedom can be found in work. Too many look at work as a restrictive activity but he proves the claim otherwise.

Yet, many of us Maynoothians are liberal to experiment but we should be careful with our experimentation. As the Michaella McCollum case showed that consequences of usage of social lubricants can be underestimated.

Recently, two superhero movies were released: “Batman vs Superman” and “Captain America: Civil War”.  This shows that culturally we still enjoy superhero movies filled with action and adventure. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a superhero, giving others their freedom?

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor