Editor’s Note

Dear all,

We have reached this part of the semester that everyone is absolutely bogged down with assignments. This is something that we are all a subject of – so many, many deadlines – hence MUT is here to distract you in a manner of productive procrastination. It is also good to take a break to give your mind away from the stress of the coming exams. This is why the MUT is here, to intellectually entertain you!

As you probably know, in college you can meet a wide spectrum of people. Everyone you meet is probably different, college being this crazy concoction of people.  We should not label people as labelling people is unhealthy. However, there is this one type of person that probably everyone is aware of, and those people are fuck-boys. Haven’t we all encountered a fuck-boy at some stage in our college life? Regardless, those people are sometimes difficult to spot! Don’t worry, the MUT is here for you! With our guidelines you will be able to spot of fuck-boy without any bother at all.

As I mentioned above, the segregation of people is useless, because why would we want to put ourselves in boxes? This is why the reviewing of the Gender Recognition act is of a huge importance. This will allow people to express themselves as they wish to be expressed. Despite the fact that we as people don’t particularly want to be labelled – why is there a rather big segregation of students in the gym? Girls tend to do cardio activities, and boys tend to lift weights.

It’s that stage in the commuter’s life that commuting gets terribly tiring. Pity we can’t all live in Maynooth or in the vicinity.


With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor