Editor’s Note

Dear all,

This Wednesday, there is going to be two referendums in the SU. One part of the referendum relates to the changes in the SU constitution. The second part of the referendum, the SU is asking students whether they should take a stance on repealing the 8th Amendment. As it stands, Maynooth is the only college in the country that does not have a pro-repeal, pro-choice stance. However, Maynooth is a part of the Union of Students of Ireland which supports the repeal of the 8th amendment.

As twelve women leave the country every day to access abortion service abroad – the women who access the abortion in this country face up to fourteen years of imprisonment. Students face crises pregnancies when in college; and the health of those students – both physical and mental – are being put at risk.

Should Maynooth Su in fact take a stance in the repeal of the 8th amendment?

The students who face crises pregnancies are not the only ones who are being put at risk of suffering of ill metal health. College life can be stressful and put pressure on everyone who is studying. However, there are services available that are helpful in stressful situations such as Niteline. Such service is free and confidential to all users. It is vital to look after the mental health and self- esteem because you can retake a college exam. However, your mental health is not something that can be easily mended.

Remember: look after your health first. Your mental health is not something that can be bought.

Regardless that it is exam time, it is vital to take breaks to essentially give your mind a break. It’s sees purposeless but this is how you will become more productive while studying.  Music, film, college plays are all the things that become invaluable stress-relief during this hideously hectic exam season.

Remember: you got this!

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor