Editor’s Note

Dear all,

I would like to welcome you all to the newly established student newspaper which is Maynooth University Times, MUT if you like. This is our very first issue of the online edition! Is that screams of exuberant joy that I hear? I know, this is great news. The students of Maynooth finally have a medium through which they can express what is happening on campus. This is certainly something the university lacked; and now that we have it, we should rejoice about it.

The MUT is a fruit of the collaboration between two on campus societies the LitNDeb and the Media Soc. This means that MUT is an independent venture. What is happening on campus can be honestly voiced among the student body. Who does not like to catch up on the sizzling social scandals or inform themselves on the more profound matters that occur on campus? That is what MUT is here for. To update you on all of this. The student body of Maynooth will be able to express their opinions, important news can be talked about and satirical articles can be shared.

I would encourage you to all contribute. This is because there is definitely something that day-to-day catches your attention. Surely, there is something that you wish to speak about, like your five favourite types of cheese, or the forthcoming SU elections. There is always something that needs to be said.

Don’t be hesitant. I would eagerly encourage you to send your article ideas to us, to contribute. There is something that day-to-day catches your attention. There is something you are bound to want to speak about.

The MUT – the medium of expression has arrived. There is no excuse but to start writing, keep reading and begin sharing.

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek

The Editor