Exams Do Not Define Us

Are you dreading the day you have to log onto Moodle to face the truth you have been avoiding for weeks? Well, you are not alone. If you are feeling nervous and anxious to get your results back, that is completely normal, especially for first years who just sat their very first set of university exams. Exams are nerve wracking and stressful but clicking ‘log in’ is just as terrifying. All sorts of questions are running through your head and you are just hoping with all your might that you pulled enough useless information to pass. You may be feeling all of these things but it is so important to remember that they are just tests and nothing more. They may determine if we get through another year but they do not define who we are and what type of person they makes us. You may roll your eyes and sigh in defeat when you scroll through Moodle and notice the Grade Descriptions link. What could be more pressurising than your lecturers emphasising grades and honours?

As horrifying as they might seem, they are only placed there to give you a general knowledge of how marks are assessed and to also motivate you to want to succeed. You may have already figured out that it is difficult to reach an impressive mark when it comes to exams. Although this is true, that is not to say that you are an average student or an overachieving person. It simply implies that third level education is another step on the ladder that students must adapt to. Some subjects and modules can be easier to grasp and understand than others, but that is not to say that you will fail or just scrape a pass. Another important thing to note is that grades are just numbers and letters at the end of the day.

A grade does not define your abilities entirely. There are so many obstacles that can get in the way of achieving the grade you want like being sick with the flu on the day of your exams or plain and simple nerves that blank out your brain. Everybody has different abilities and maybe exams and studying is just not your strong suit. Either way, the number one thing to consider when you receive your grades is that you studied and tried your best. If you do well or wish you could have done better, there is always a chance to try again during the Summer exams and not to mention the services offered to students. Grades are not meant to be negative and off putting but they can have that effect on students. The difference is that you will not let your grades get you down because they are just one obstacle in the way of you finishing university and achieving your goal at receiving your degree.