Express Yourself

                       “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something

     else is the greatest accomplishment”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


College is a great time to discover more about who we are as a person and to develop new interests, like when I started writing these articles I started just to see if I would like it and actually really enjoy doing them, even if they aren’t great but all the same I strongly believe that we for the most part are products of our environment and strongly influenced by our surroundings especially when we are young but at the same time I believe people tend to be unique despite this statement. Self-expression is important for a number of reasons like our well-being and to let people know who you are, whether it’s is in the form of speaking from the heart, some sort of creative form like writing or art. Today we have many ways or platforms from which we can express who we such as social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Self-expression helps us display who we are as a person deep down and our individuality, it also shows people our true character. We can express ourselves in the way we dress and with our appearance such as tattoos, piercing our dress sense. Is their negative consequences for this, well I believe so I have a good few tattoos some of which are I kind of regret like the two ‘Irish pride style’ tattoos I got done when I was young, one of which nearly got me in trouble while shopping in Belfast.

Tattoos are becoming an even more increasing way of expressing yourself and are becoming less taboo but yet people are still judged for having them. This form of self-expression can sometimes lead to the feeling of been stigmatised especially when it comes to employment, thankfully I can cover mine up for any future job interviews, people tend to judge on others based off first impression’s and if you are looking for a job in a business setting going into an interview displaying ink could have depending on the industry a detrimental effect on you landing the job something which is already challenging at the minute. Despite these negative aspects of my own form of self-expression I don’t regret expressing myself this way, I’m even proud of a couple of pieces which actually have genuine meaning to me.

On the other hand you might not want to work in an environment where such things like tattoos are taken into account and judged. If that is the way you like to express who you are deep down you probably wouldn’t be happy working in such an environment, After all self-expression what-ever the form it might take is one of the best methods to connect and grow with like-minded people and as a person. Expressing your own thought and opinions can help you discover your own passions in life, which will make you become happier and also help you bond with like-minded people on a deeper level than before. I know I’d rather live a happy live than one where I can’t be myself and that doesn’t work for me.