Fun and Games at MU

First off, congratulations to all the fresher’s for getting here and a big welcome to Maynooth. I’m sure it will be a daunting experience for you, getting used to the place and finding your way around, but don’t worry, I’m  sure you will all settle in very quickly. There is a lot to do here in Maynooth University to break up the monotony of lectures and tutorials. For those of you who would like to get involved in sports, MU has plenty to offer.

Anyone interested in GAA? MU has some fantastic teams for anyone into handball, hurling, football, both men’s and woman’s and camogie, in which the ladies were very impressive last year, reaching the final of the Purcell Cup. In the football, the lads did very well, taking the title in the Fresher ‘C’ Championship, beating DCU. Each GAA team competes in a league in Semester 1 and a championship in Semester 2.

The university also has a basketball team, which if  I am not mistaken also performed well last year with both the ladies and lads reaching the semis. Maybe you enjoy a more relaxing sport like golf, which is also available and if I am not mistaken  are leading after Day 1 of the 2016 Irish Colleges Invitational.

For the more adventurous of you, MU also has a canoeing and kayaking club. You can check out their twitter page by searching @MUCK_kayak_club.  There  are a wide range of sports clubs here at MU including archery and equestrian, which runs lessons at Kildare international equestrian centre. They also compete at triathlon and varsities. The cricket club usually has indoor training on Monday from 4-6. Fencing may take your fancy. If so, check out their FB page Maynooth University Fencing Club. They also compete in competitions, so it can be both fun and competitive.

The University also has numerous self-defence sports clubs if that is more of your thing. There is an Akido Club which trains twice a week in the evenings. Check out the NUIM Judo FB page if that  takes your fancy. Or maybe you have a mean streak in you; then why not join the kickboxing club, or my own personal favourite, which I’m looking forward to getting back to, the MU boxing club. They usually train on Wednesday, plus another two evenings in Lucan – very friendly group of people and as with all the clubs, anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of level. As  well as the usual activities like soccer, the university also has clubs like trampoline, ultimate Frisbee and table tennis; all great fun and with great people involved.

Maynooth  University has some great facilities for anyone who wants to get involved in whatever club they choose. It has two indoor sports halls, a well-equipped gym with a weights room downstairs, which is free to students, three natural turf playing fields and an all-weather pitch with flood lights. The nearby River Liffey can be used for the kayak club and if it is horse riding or golf that interests you, this can be facilitated at Carton Estate.

Don’t  forget to check out the Clubs and Socs Day, which is on the second week of term. You might find something else that interests you. The clubs and societies are not only a great way to meet new people and easily make new friends, but also a nice way to break up a boring week of lectures and do something different.