How I Made Friends and Did Not Alienate People

When I started at Maynooth, I wasn’t too apprehensive about making new friends as I was pretty lucky on that I knew quite a few people from my secondary school who were also going as well. Of course I shortly later realised that actually this would not be of much help as they were mostly doing entirely different courses to me, namely science and the likes which required a lot more of their time during the day than did my English one. (And before you judge me too harshly saying that “well arts degrees have a lot of reading that takes up loads of time” let me just say yeah I know, but come on, first year”)

So yeah I was a bit worried.  And it took a little while to adjust.  My first week I only really connected with one girl on my course. It took a while for the rest as during our first seminar together the class, which was made up of about fifteen (of my now favourite)  people. This was due to the fact that the first seminar was basically giving a run through of all the major philosophers from the last two millennia and I was convinced I was the only person who hadn’t read every single one. So I did not say a word,  convinced everyone would see through me.

Enter Facebook to the rescue.

After a few weeks of this nightmare, one of the girls set up a page for the group and I now regard it as one of the best things in my entire college experience. Because oh my God these people weren’t scarily well read geniuses, they were just like me.  (meant affectionately. Turned out most of them were as lost as I was.  So we finally started to bond. The Facebook page was initially work related but it escalated quickly. And for the first time my friend wasn’t just made up people who had lived the same number of days and were from the same geographical area.  No now I had friends who were all interested in the same things as myself and could offer new perspectives. So thank you Facebook overlords.

The rest, as they say, is history. Well not really as it’s about four years ago. After first year I ended up living with two of my class mates, and even went abroad in my third year with one of them. And here is where I get sentimental so brace yourselves.  I could not have gotten through my four years at Maynooth without my friends there. I would not have been brave enough to spend a year abroad and during my final year I had a really bad time of it due to personal issues, when I must have cried in every bathroom on campus.  I was very much not fun to be around, but my close friends stuck by me and honestly saved my life.