How Important is our Physical Appearance in College?

We live in a world where remaining aesthetic is crucial to our survival. Sadly, we are not an objective species; people judge each other by their looks whether it’s deliberate or unconsciously. Appearance is important in finding a partner, impressing others and gaining self-confidence. First impressions matter, and to be honest a groomed individual immediately gets bonus points in our subjective eyes.

Should we treat college like we’re on the cover of magazine?

The short answer is no. Obviously; we do not have to spend thousands and hire a team to look like Gigi Hadid. Remember, although we form our own perception of you as we cross paths on the way to a lecture, generally we have forgotten what you were wearing once you step out of view.  Be comfortable, and be you. Find your own unique way of gaining your self-confidence. If you enjoy suiting up, or dressing for the runway, that’s your choice. If it’s sweatpants or a pair of six inch heels then by all means go ahead. We’re all broke in college and do not care how casual or extravagant you look. As college students, we put emphasis on comfort.

How do we remain aesthetic in college?

The key to achieving bonus points from our peers in college is hygiene, my friends. Simply wearing clean clothes and spraying some deodorant will suffice as a college student. You’ve got to make sure that there is money in the budget for cleaning necessities. Presenting yourself in a tidy manor means that you will attract others, find love, make friends and what more could you want from the college experience?

Should we ever dress to impress?

Absolutely. When it comes to job interviews for a placement or important organised affairs regarding your degree, scratch everything I said about wearing whatever you want. You do not want to dress like the poor college student you are. Times like these call for more than just brushing your hair. You need to wear the attire for the job you want. If you’re looking for a clerical position on the fifth floor do not turn up in those stripped Adidas tracksuits everyone parades on campus. Try to embody a character from Suits. Dressing well in these situations will gain you the respect you need to succeed.

To conclude, yes keeping up with appearances in college is very important. I encourage every student to remain aesthetic during their years in university. It will make them a happy few, for you and the people you surround yourself with. Why not add a smile to the daily routine? Because honestly, it will trump all of the advice I’ve just given you.