How To Throw A Decent Gaffe Sesh

As a veteran of various seshes, from the local trip to the pub to the post exam nightclub sesh with your town’s entire sixth year population to drinking cans in the park, my personal favourite would be the humble gaffe sesh. There’s a number of reasons for this. It’s generally easier on the wallet, just six euro for a naggin, maybe six more for tobacco should I need it at the time. The music is usually of better quality than the stuff that gets played at night clubs, and there’s often a chance to play Spotify DJ (though don’t abuse that privilege).  It’s easier to handle someone who’s gotten too drunk or is just having a bad moment: no messing around with taxis or keeping watch for dodgy people while they vomit on the street, just put them in a room, give them water or toast and check up on them, letting them sleep over if needs be. Most importantly it’s easier to have conversations with people, be they mad bants with your own crew or bonding better with people you formerly knew in passing. Here’s a guide for putting together a somewhat decent gaffe sesh.

1: Suss out the venue and make sure people around you are ok with it. Give your housemates, parents, landlords and/or neighbours a decent bit of notice that there’ll be people and a degree of noise. People tend to be more accommodating with this stuff if you give them a heads up before it goes down.

2: Prepare an invite list. The right people are essential for any session, make sure you’ve got as many of your homies there as possible. You can use it to help integrate your various social groups, bring the outliers further into the fold, just make sure the folk at your sesh are sound. At least one person with moderately reasonable and responsible tendencies is always a good shout.  Always invite slightly more people than you expect to show up so you get a somewhat decent turn out, but try and keep it reasonable.

3: Make an event page for it. While this isn’t necessary if it’s just a small scale pre-drinking situation before going out, with a gaffer it’s essential. It lets you know who to expect to come to it, lets you provide directions and the ground rules for it and you can post quality memes and hot n poppin’ banter too.

4: Sort out the music situation. Get a speaker off someone somehow, put together a Spotify playlist or just use YouTube. Make sure your music choices are tailored to the sort of audience you’re bringing in, some sessions are quite in favour of Korean trap bangers, others will let you spin a bit of Tame Impala towards the end of the night, some just want catchy stuff they can sing along too. As long as it’s somewhat danceable n fits the vibe anything goes really.

5: Get booze and mixer, if it has to be BYOB strictly, at least have some edible material there. A bit of soakage for the booze is always welcome and you can’t go wrong with a few things to nibble on. Other essentials to have in the gaffe are a deck of cards, black bin liners, plenty of kitchen roll and some of them red cups you see in every American comedy film with a raging sesh.

6: Start drinking, wait for people to arrive, introduce people to each other, get the drinks flowing, get the tunes going and you got a sesh going. A sesh is like a stew, while you may need to stir it occasionally and stop it from boiling over, you can pretty much leave it alone once you have the right ingredients in place.


So there you have it, while I do not guarantee spectacular results from this guide, hopefully it will set you on the right direction for throwing a nice raging gaffe sesh.