Maynooth Student Union Raises Palestinian Flag

If you thought the biggest issue on the agenda for the Maynooth Student Union was the crippling lack of facilities for an overcrowded university in which affordable accommodation is non-existent – you’d be wrong.
To tackle the biggest problem faced by Maynooth in the last decade, Leon Diop has gone and err… raised a flag for Palestine. The student senate passed a motion supporting the boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) of Israel in a bid to stand for the “injustice and inequality Palestine’s face each day” by raising a Palestinian flag above the student union building.
If such a proposal required passing it seems obvious to ask what sort of investing and supporting of Israel MSU were doing before.
Maynooth University follows in the footsteps of Queens, NUIG, and Trinity by supporting the BDS proposal but the first to instate a Palestinian Flag.
The Maynooth University Irseali Society were, unsurprisingly, none too plussed with the change. In official statement on Facebook, the society voiced their disappointment “Boycotting & intimidating those you don’t agree with is cowardice and of no benefit”. The statement concluded with “We at Maynooth Students for Israel choose dialogue and peace, over intimidation and fear.” The fear in this case of a flag. Scary stuff. The members must get PSTD any time they swipe right too many times when looking for emojis.
Questions have been raised recently of the SU President in relations to efforts to ensure students will have facilities regardless of the increased admission of new students.
However, this may be the stone that strikes the two birds. Our glorious leader has tactically decided to show solidarity with Palestine which in turn will incentivise Pro-Israelis to stay away from the university thus leaving more facilities for other students.
We should have never doubted him.
I hope next week they raise a flag dedicated to space in the library to sit down and have lunch.