Meet your VP for Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement: Lorna Sexton

MUT:  What made you decide to study at Maynooth?

LS:  Actually it was my 4th choice; I wanted to do PE and Maths teaching, the points were ludicrously high, then I was going to go to UCD to do Arts to teach and then my Dad said to me you’re not going to get up at 7a.m., every morning to go all across Dublin when we live in Lucan, so go to Maynooth, so I went to Maynooth.

MUT:  Why did you run for Vice President of Clubs & Societies?

LS: ‘em, so I suppose I’ve always been involved since day one, and then I got to know all the ins and outs of the Students Union, when I went into my 3rd year, I knew a lot of the officers personally, and then I kind of came to it, “you know what’ I’m going to do it, I’m going to make a difference, I’m going to run’”.

MUT:  What are your plans for the coming year?

LS: I suppose a system as much as possible so with our new system MSU Life we’re kind of in a transitory year, we just need everyone to understand how it works, to utilise it to the best way they can, also, with the events as well, I want to plan a lot of commuter, non-alcoholic events for example.  So, Leon and I, we’re planning a colour dash run for the Maynooth games and stuff like that, to encourage people to get involved, especially like the other 60% of people who don’t necessarily have time for clubs and societies to get them engaged and still be part of college life without being part of a club and society.  MSU Life is our new system to operate clubs and societies.  You’re going to be doing everything through it, through registering, managing your committee, paying your membership fees, so you will be managing your fees through it.  Organising trips away, you can book rooms on it, just everything to manage your clubs and societies.

It’s also easy for us to get stats so we can tell exactly how many people are rowing, fencing or dancing, we can say exactly how many post-graduates, undergraduates, international students. We get an idea of what students we need to hit to get more involved.  It’s also an easier way for First Years especially, as I know myself.  I didn’t know where to go in my first few weeks to get involved, so it’s just a system as well, where you can click into the Club/Societies and they have their training or meeting times.  You can easily get involved that way as well.  It’s just an easier way for things to operate.

MUT:  How has Maynooth shaped you?

LS: Before I came to Maynooth, I was probably a lot different, Maynooth has shaped me, it’s given me so many new friends, so many memories, unforgettable experiences.  They’re precious, it has given me a huge circle of friends that I would never have met from all around the country.  In terms of professionally in many ways I was dead set on one career path, and now I am thinking I can do this and this and this.  It’s just given me an opportunity to start life correctly.

MUT:  Favourite part of Campus?

LS: Favourite part of Campus? I suppose the walk way behind Logic House on the south campus when it was exam time the Library was getting too full; I would go walking around there to clear my head.  I know, last year, that the 5K Run was back there, the Christmas Day Run was back there, it’s just a lovely part of campus.  It’s not really used much, it’s really quiet and just nice.

MUT:  Five words to describe yourself.

LS:  Five words? Absolutely nuts, hyperactive, insane, enthusiastic.


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