Midterm in America

The mid-term elections in the US of A doesn’t mean much for us Irish unlike Brexit, but because of our Americanised culture we’re all over it like an out of order sign on JH bathroom. I won’t belittle American politics there’s a lot of fascinating things occurring, one being the mid-term elections hence the article. On November 6ththe Democrat’s prayed for a blue wave and Trump took a day of work to watch that blue wave….I mean monitor the eh.. political climate. I know, but what of the results Lauren? Don’t fear uninformed student I’m getting to it.


House of Representatives

The lower chamber of the United States Congress, the place where if they wanted representatives could impeach the president. It’s a possibility now, Nancy Pelosi can relax all the celebrity endorsements worked! The Blues have taken a majority winning 223 seats most notably taking a seat was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York’s 14thDistrict who received 78% of the vote. This is good news for the Democrats who spoke of a new fresh generation of members before the election, hopefully it’s a sign of progression and they can leave behind dead weights such as Mrs Clinton (when will she get the hint??).

But what do all these numbers and names mean?

Well they need to appease their new energized fanbase that they’ve hyped up since Trump got elected. However, if you’re hoping all this blue wave schtick means impeachment, you’re very wrong. The Dems with all their Don Draper-esque remarketing over the last months lead many a millennial to believe they were the hero’s ready to swoop down and stop the awful man, but alas tis Washington: Resolution not revolution my friend. Moments after gaining the majority Mrs Pelosi gave a speech to her newly radicalised fanbase informing them promptly “for those who want impeachment, that’s not what our caucus is about”. Looks like the Dems may start an investigation or two into hot political issues trending on Twitter like Trump’s immigration policies and healthcare, but that’s about it lads until 2020.



Remember earlier when I mentioned the lower chamber? Well now we’re in the upper chamber, the place where if they wanted senators could say no to impeachment. Republicans hold 51 seats compared to the democrats 44, however, only 8 republican seats were up for grabs whilst 23 were owned by Democrats. Senators are likely to say no to impeachment because Republicans hold the majority and they’re not going to impeach their Grand Wizard. So, all that grand standing from Pelosi that she’s back tracking on she’s sort of not, it’s more damage controlling. The woman couldn’t impeach the awful man if she tried because as I’ve already stated the Senate is the UPPER CHAMBER. Keeping control of the Senate also means keeping control of Supreme Court with the likelihood of more Brett Kavanaugh type judges. Interestingly Business Insider noted “every Democratic senator who voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the nation’s highest court lost in their competitive re-election bids”.

Extra note

Think back again, remember I mentioned the “fresh new generation” and how the celebrity endorsements worked? Well I lied, Beta O’Rourke a heavily endorsed candidate pushed by Beyonce herself couldn’t defeat the mighty power of the Zodiac Killer. According to a study, friends and family were more influential than celebrities on young voters. So, Tay Tay endorsing a Dem in Tennessee and Oprah endorsing Stacey Abrams literally did nothing for the hopefuls except up the views on their campaign videos.

In conclusion the Dems gained some helpful territory, however, as he has proven you can’t stump the Trump. The Republican foot hold on the Senate means no impeachment and whatever Judges they want ergo more Brett Kavanaugh, more divisiveness and political turmoil in the land of the free and incredibly unhappy. Do not fear fellow liberals 2020 is just around the corner, this part is aimed at the Erasmus students who didn’t fly home to vote (tut tut) its not too late and to the Irish I ask of you……. Who is the minister for housing? The minister for transport? What spectrum of political ideology do Fine Gael fall under? The answers to follow next article. Same author.