For many students, college is most likely their first taste of living away from home gone are the days of Mums good home cooked meals. Instead often replaced by micro-waved diners, Koka noodles or whatever is convenient at the time. It is not surprising that us students opt for these convenient options especially when overloaded with college work, maybe a part time job, busy class schedules to keep and not to forget partying. Eating healthy is most likely not be on the top of every students priorities. A tight budget might also play a role in what we eat limiting our choices maybe this doesn’t affect you but most likely you will still be struggling to maintain a healthy balanced diet, as the allure of subway or a burrito from chill becomes all too tempting.  For students who are living away from home for the first time they  might not necessarily have the skills to cook a fresh home-made meal or more likely than not even be bothered too. Often the unhealthy “fast food” option may appear to be cheaper but that is not always the case and often influences our choices

While a limited budget and access to fast foods and snacks can make it difficult to eat right let alone maintain a healthy diet, we should keep in mind of what we are putting into our bodies, As we all know there is a developing healthy eating habits has massive beneficial effects for both your mind and body.

It is widely known that fast and processed foods are bad for you, such foods tend to lack important nutrients. which these deficiencies can lead to all an assortment of problems such as low energy, they can also have detrimental effects mentally such as mood swings, poor concentration which obviously has a negative impact on your academic performance. Often these foods are also laden with sugars which cause spikes in blood sugar level giving temporary energy boosts followed by a slump in blood sugar further increasing lethargy and have shown to cause depression. What we eat has a direct impact on our performance, studies have indicated that eating a varied diet which includes getting your 5 a day of fruit and veg increase your performance both physically and mentally. Personally I’m not in a place to preach as I must admit to been a fast food junky myself and have noticed the negative effects of a bad diet.

The fact is that many of are guilty of not looking after ourselves often neglecting the value of an all important well rounded meal, I suspect it this may also be the case outside of college also.