Review: 12 Angry Jurors

Last Wednesday I went to see the college play 12 Angry Jurors.

The play was directed by Robert Brown and is his debut. It has been produced by Maynooth’s very own society: MU Drama.

Due to the on-going-on-campus graduations the play was not held the usual echo-y spot of Aula Maxima but instead was held in the SU Venue. Regardless, the difference in the location and the lack of a stage, did not prevent the thirteen actors (aside from the judges, a guard was also involved in the play) from delivering a fast-paced production with a dynamic dialogue.

I put certain emphasis on the dialogue, as the roughly hour long play was held at a table and it was centred at discussing whether the adolescent boy was guilty of murdering his father. The play Angry Jurors is indeed based on the 1957 film 12 Angry Men.

Initially, the general consensus was that indeed the teen was guilty and should be sentenced to death. At the time of the play, for such a crime, the punishment was death. It was not until one of the jurors raised the possibility that there might be considerable doubt that in fact the boy did not kill his father; the evidence gathered was unjustly ruled against him. One juror was enough to raise doubt, this triggered the others to rethink their judgement. Therefore, the play was not only about the convicted boy but about the jurors. The audience could see that the other issues of jurors floated up to the surface; as many jurors gave up their professionalism. The play definitely showed how the influence of one person can influence the overall verdict.

MU drama has once again succeeded in entertaining the students of Maynooth on a mid-week evening.