“Sexy Sport?”

Whether you are gorging on love heart chocolates, being treated to a fine dining dinner  or hitting the gym with your other half this Valentine’s day, I am here to give you the one on one on sexy sport and how it benefits your health and stamina.

Sport is a part of all our lives whether you play it or follow it or simply endure it. Sport can sometimes be seen as a hardship, sweaty and grilling affair that hurts, is painful and an overall “effort”. Apart from the “celebrity” aspect of some major sports stars, can sport be considered “sexy”?  According to top researchers and journalists it is! You only have to look at the glamour of Wimbledon or the amazingly sculpted bodies of players on the football or rugby fields or the grace and agility of  gymnasts to see just how sexy sport can be.

But more importantly and very obviously sport has incredible benefits for our health and overall wellbeing. Just a brief rundown on three of my own favourite sports and their individual benefits for our health, will explain just some of the amazing rewards you can reap form being physically fit!

Being a player myself rugby is of course my number one go to sport. A challenging sport, rugby helps  by improving your flexibility. Good flexibility helps improve your posture which reduces aches and pains in later life. Developing your overall strength will also help maintain bone density and improve balance.

Another all time favourite is volleyball. Volleyball tones and shapes the body. Playing for 45 minutes at a time it affects body fat percentage and the muscle ratio of the body in a positive way. Low body fat can reduce the possibility of heart trouble as well as an assortment of cancers.

Finally we have an unlikely one but one sport that should not be overlooked for its health benefits. Wrestling being one of the most physically demanding sports requires great endurance and  stamina. Wrestlers have to train a total of five to six days a week in a high intensity environment.  During a single practice wrestlers use all of the major muscle groups in the body. According to the experts it also helps develop functional strength and cardiovascular endurance, improving overall health and stamina.

It goes without saying that all sport is good for us not only in terms of physical health but also in terms of our wellbeing and our mental health. Like all exercise it produces endorphins which help to improve our mood and reduce stress and anxiety levels. It can also improve concentration and is a strong promoter of good team building skills and interaction.  It therefore challenges us not only physically but also mentally.

Let’s get back to the “sexy” bit!  Whatever our shape or size, good physical health is possibly the most attractive aspect of ourselves and sport can help us gain and maintain both of these. The social side may also be helpful!  Many a match has been made at a match so maybe this Valentine’s day instead of the chocolates and dinners, get out there and play the field!