So, as you may know continental Europe is far cheaper than our little Island. A group of us from my student dorm went from Vienna to Ljubljana in Slovenia for a weekend, and it cost very little. We ended up car sharing, it is a popular thing to do over there. In a car with Primoz, our driver- I couldn’t help but feel the randomness of Erasmus. With me, ‘the Irish girl’, an Italian, a Russian, a Croatian and some other casual strangers we picked up along the way, the little country of Slovenia was our destination. Cutting through the rural parts of Austria and ending up in Graz towards Maribor, eventually Ljubljana was ours. And how much did I pay? 12 euro. Okay, so it may be a little wearisome and ‘dangerous’ to go into a car with a stranger driver, but hey that is the risk you take. YOLO was overly used on my Erasmus year, to the point I got annoyed with the phrase, and used Carpe Diem instead J. Ljubljana is quaint, cute more so, and the most environmental friendly city in Europe, and to top it all off- they have dragons everywhere. Yes, the dragon symbol is their national icon, and the castle there is beautiful. It even lit up green the night I arrived, ironic?


This trip was very special, I was with my closest friends over there, and we were visiting two Slovenian friends who unfortunately were only winter semester students in Vienna. Do not do Erasmus for one semester, folks, I give you a meh if you do. Thankfully Maynooth makes you do one year! 😀 On our first night there, we went for some Mexican food, yeah not so Slovenian, we went out walking around the city which was SO clean, not a spot of dirt on the ground, I was amazed. Ljubljana is a treasure not to be missed on a European adventure. That night we went to a club called CirKus, I laughed so much because Circus-CirKus- just change a c to a k and it will sound Balkan enough. It was a pretty cool night, ended up in a bar with hanging skeletons everywhere too- not as creepy as you think ;). The city has beautiful rooftop bars, and drink is fairly cheap too… with a glass of wine and dazzling medieval views and lights, I couldn’t help but fall in love. ‘Ljub’ means to love or to like- so I guess it was meant to be.


The next day we went to the amazing stunningly beautiful Lake Bled – (I think I used enough adjectives, my face was like this – *__*).


We drove there in a car from the city, it only takes 30 minutes, alternatively public transport is quite frequent, if you do plan to go one day. The weather was not on our side; however, this did not stop us enjoying the views. In a café nearby we ate the famous bled cake-‘Kremšnita’. Listening to the rain outside, whilst soaked to the skin, it was a comfort! We headed back to the city that night, and ended up staying in one of the girl’s kitchens paying UNO from 9pm-6am: D this is Erasmus- fun is made by just the simplest things, enjoying international company and never wanting it to end. I sat there very surprised at the price of rent in Slovenia. In her own apartment, my friend was paying 130 euro a month! Yes, a month!! Isn’t that like a week in Maynooth? So if anyone is considering going on Erasmus to Slovenia- the University of Ljubjiana is a partner, and after my weekend there- with just a taste- I can only imagine how lovely it would be spending a longer time there.