Sounds of Success

Obviously everyone has different study techniques, but I’ve found that trying to study in the library requires music lest you hear the sounds of illicit coffee being sipped or iPhones (and it’s always iPhones) vibrating against desks. Personally, my study playlist has always been pretty upbeat to keep my brain awake and to keep the posi vibes flowing. Here are my musical must haves for when you’re suffering while studying:


‘That’s My Girl’, Fifth Harmony:

Have you ever been so stressed out from studying that you just need someone to tell you that you can do it? This song does just that. Fifth Harmony’s latest single is a girl power song in the same vein as Run the World by Beyoncé and Salute by Little Mix. The song opens by asking “Who’s been working so damn hard, got that head on overload?” Me, obviously! This song is like having a personal cheer group to encourage you. “You got up before, you’ll be good to go,” they say and it reminds me that I have been stressed every single semester but I’m still here and still kicking modules’ asses. Admittedly, the song is actually about the titular girl getting played by a guy but in my opinion, girl power is helpful in every scenario! They really are my girls.


‘Power’, Kanye West:

If anyone can do encouragement, it’s Kanye. This is a man who refuses to let anyone bring him down and loudly celebrates the success of his various projects. That’s something we should all try to do when it comes to college work; we put too much effort into discouraging ourselves. If we all convinced ourselves could “do it better than anybody you ever seen do it,” we wouldn’t shy away from working because we’d believe we would be successful. This classic song hears West calling himself gifted and disregarding everything his critics throw at him because he simply knows he’s good at what he does. We should all try to be the Kanye West of our disciplines.


‘Fighter’, Christina Aguilera:

“After all you put me through, you’d think I’d despise you…” The opening to this song describes my relationship with university. My God, has it been hard work all along but it has made me stronger, work harder, and, of course, be smarter. If this song doesn’t make you want to be your best self and exceed expectations and truly conquer, I don’t know what will. This anthem is all about refusing to be brought down, even when it would be much easier to give up, which I think is familiar for all of us college students. Xtina, thank you for making me a fighter.


‘Make Me Proud’, Drake ft. Nicki Minaj:

“I know things get hard but girl you got it.” Another banger that makes you feel like you have someone rooting for you. You can actually hear the pride in Drake’s voice as he sings the chorus in this song. That’s not surprising given we’ve regularly heard Drake praising Nicki. This is the height of Drake’s sensitive boy image. Listening to this while you’re studying will give you the impression that Drake knows exactly what’s up: “Couple things due but you always get it done.” That’s what we need to hear from the Canadian legend when we’re buried in books. Then you get Nicki Minaj’s verse where she kills it with next level confidence; she knows that she’s “dominating every avenue.” It’s like this song was made as motivation. Let’s be as proud of ourselves as Drake is of Nicki.