SU Executive Election Season Drinking Game

It’s coming up to that time of year again folks, when people are running for the SU’s Executive Position, there’s herds of people in matching campaign shirts handing out free things and it’s all a bit strange and confusing for the first years or international students unsure of what’s going on. Though the candidates change from year to year, there are a number of key elements that remain the same, which one could collect and assemble into a drinking game of sorts, which I will attempt to do here.


Take a sip of your drink…

·         For every candidate you knew nothing about before election season but turns out to have quite the long and interesting history with Maynooth. Seriously, so much gossip about folks comes out during this season and it’s a real learning experience about all the characters that make up this college.

·         For every Facebook page you’re invited to like supporting someone’s campaign. As a keen spammer myself the work that goes into online promotion for these elections is quite impressive indeed.

·         For every candidate you leave off the numbered voting system for extremely petty reasons. We’ve all been there folks, no point pretending otherwise.

·         When you start substituting breakfast for foraging free sweets off the campaign teams roaming the campus, I’m personally guilty of this.

·         For every candidate who invites you onto their campaign team despite you having minimal interaction with them beforehand. This isn’t a slight or dig at anyone, it’s natural to want to closely gather as many resources as possible so you can go into the battle all guns blazing.

·         Take a shot every time someone makes a promise that couldn’t be kept by the executive no matter what. No Finbarr, though I may wish it deeply, we can’t march on DCU and conquer it for Maynooth, you’re gonna need to swing my vote with something realistic.

·         Every time you see harsh words directed at a candidate over Yik Yak, often for unspecified or petty reasons. I feel more comfortable putting this here now Yik Yak has died down a bit but last year? Jays you’d have a fierce case of alcohol poisoning.

·         For every candidate you only remember for a district gimmick. It’s hard to remember everyone when some positions are so heavily contested and many of the gripes us students have are addressed by them all in an attempt to win votes.

·         For every meme that comes out in support of a candidate that genuinely makes you laugh. Meme magic is being credited for winning the US Election, will it help sway the SU ones too?

·         For every time the microwave or possibility of a microwave is mentioned. An importance issue most definitely given our high commuter population in need of something to heat their food up with, but it’s a common trope, so it’s going here.

·         For campaigners, every time you think you’re going on an innocent night out on the sesh and get roped into doing more canvassing.

·         Down your pint for every joke campaign, not so much of a thing here compared to other colleges, the University Times of Trinity having run an interesting article here, but in what can be an intense period for so many a dash of absurdity might be welcome.


Good luck to all those running this year, let me know in the comments section anything I may have missed out on while compiling this.