Subjective Awards

With the Oscars coming up this weekend not to mention the host of other awards shows coming up. We are going to hear a lot of hype over certain movies or music. While these awards show for the most part do have a tendency to indicate how good a piece of work is and why not. I have recently seen a movie called Hacksaw Ridge, a biopic which is up for multiple nominations and that I would highly recommend to anyone.

These awards have a tendency to build up hype among people and give them the impression that they are going to see or listen in the case of music to an amazing performance, which turns out to be a complete let down. A great example of a movie that was up for an award is Suicide Squad. I remember all the talk of it pre-release, that it was going to be this great film that everyone had to see, which a lot of people bought into, but it turned out to be a complete let down and a load of crap. Another good example would be the 2011 release The Artist it was up for 10 nominations and won 5, most likely the film is now widely forgotten. These are just my opinions though but I do have a tendency to base my viewing on award nominations, not so much music I’d listen to anything. Which brings me to my point are awards like the Grammy’s, Oscars and so on a little subjective?

The whole base of these awards are subjective, look at the Oscar’s the decisions are made by a body of people but they all have their own personal opinion of what is good and what’s not. We all like different things, god knows the world would be a boring place if everyone was the same, so just because a body of people come together and decide collectively who wins what, this should not discredit your own opinion of what is good or which is best.

Art is in essence subjective so it is going to have a different impact on different people including those member of the Academy Awards who pick winners. That is not to say awards can’t be useful to pick out some good viewing or listening. They can but you have to remember that what you like and what the next person likes can be completely different and while they may create hype in a piece of work, it does not mean you’re going to enjoy it. Also there is a tendency to overlook some other pieces of work that can be great and well worth looking into.

As a big movie fan I like watching a lot of different varieties and sometimes watch even low-budget movies some of which can be great. Oxy-morons spring to mind if you are like-minded and well worth a watch, it’s a low budget biography written by a criminal while in jail then produced after he got out and turned his life around. Despite it being obviously shot on a low budget it is one of my favourite films. I doubt many would agree but it just go to show how awards are subjective, maybe useful for a generalised opinion, but can often mislead you to view complete crap you won’t like.