The Big Gig was big and a gig, oh and also fan-freaking-tastic!

So, Fresher’s Week was a thing. A really good thing

Like, I know that everyone knows it was a thing because there was a big deal about it and the 3000(?) new students coming into the University. Of course, with Fresher’s week being such a big deal this year, there was a lot of pressure on the SU Events team to pull off some big events. Like, “go big or go home” levels of big and holy shit did they pull it off.

On Tuesday the 20th (y’know the Tuesday of Fresher’s Week) the SU hosted one of the staple Fresher’s week events; The Big Gig. The MU Times were very bloody lucky to get a coveted press pass for the Gig and I was the lucky lad who got to go and write a review of the night.

Before I start that however, I must make an apology.

Dear person whose pint I drank,

Thank you for the lovely pint, placed where I had put my Bulmer’s. I wish I hadn’t deprived you of the frothy Fosters that you had left on the table on your way to have a smoke. There was no malice in me, I just picked up the pint next to me and went into the Venue, I didn’t mean for things to go like this.

If you ever find me and can prove that it was your pint I took, I’ll buy you a new one.

-James Keogh

Right, so the Gig.

What do you call 4 awesome Home-grown Irish acts, playing awesome tunes in a Sold Out venue with a great atmosphere?


The opening acts (The Crossfire and Red Empire) were freaking great, warming the crowd up and getting the buzz going the right way with some whopper Irish Rock. Both of ‘em playing some absolutely brilliant tunes that you should check out on YouTube (YouTube Channels/songs down the bottom of the article, in case you want some music to read to.) By the time Keywest came on, the room was hopping (I mean, the minute music stops in the Venue about 90 percent of people move into the bathroom or go out for a cigarette, but the atmosphere of the entire SU was brilliant with live DJs in the main bar area making the entire bar full of music whether or not there was a band playing at the time.) Keywest played like a band who sell out venues on the regular, which to be fair they do, and played what could only be described as a second set as an encore. It was amazing as the lads on stage managed to play the crowd like they were puppets, from snap chatting the bassists crotch to gaining what was easily 1000 new followers on their social media. For a band who I’ve heard busk in Dublin hundreds of times, I struggle to think of a more enjoyable, fresher vibe than that of Keywest’s set.

Saving the best for last (or understanding that I’ve followed the order that the gig went in) Ryan Sheridan. Ryan Sheridan was everything you’d expect and more from a musician of his calibre. He had immense stage presence and had the entire room going absolutely mental for him. There wasn’t a still body in sight when Ryan was playing, well if you could see over the sea of iPhones and Androids using Snapchat to record the event. Each song was met with the “Whoops” of drunken students, as Ryan Sheridan played to the sold out Venue. Ryan has just come off a number of tours and was amazingly energetic despite the fact he’s just off an American tour with Rodrigo y Gabriela and was headed to a European Tour straight after. The nonstop energy of the set left everyone in the crowd with huge grins on their faces. I haven’t heard a single complaint about the Gig or the Acts.

All in all, this gig was mental and a sign of great things to come from the SU, if not proof that when they say “Go big or Go home” they damned well mean it. Personally, I had a great night and I am so hyped to see what the Halloween, Christmas and Summer Balls are going to be like if this is the standard they’re setting.

If you want to know more about Ryan and support Mars FM in being an awesome radio channel, check out their interview with him here :

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