The Christmas Ads Are Coming…

What signifies the start of the Christmas season? The lights on Grafton Street being turned on? Hearing ‘Fairy-Tale of New York’ on the radio? Seeing a Christmas tree lit up in someone’s sitting room? Well for many people, it’s the first time they see a Christmas ad. No, not one of those generic and regurgitated stories, the proper ads. Filmed, edited and marketed perfectly. Who doesn’t love seeing Buster and the trampoline, the eager children in the Kellogg’s ad or the infamous Coca Cola truck? I sure do but for those of you who have been living under a rock, here’s the list of what you should be watching to get into the festive spirit.

John Lewis

Highly regarded as the masters of ad making, John Lewis, this year came out with the heart-warming tale of Buster the boxer. In the ad, a father builds a trampoline for his daughter for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, lots of other animals including a pair of foxes, a squirrel, a hedgehog and a badger find the trampoline and spend the evening enjoying themselves on it as the boxer looks on at them, sadly. On Christmas morning before the excited child can get to test out her new trampoline, the boxer gets to it and happily begins bouncing around on it. All in all, this is equally as impressing as its predecessors.



An oldie but a favourite is the Kellogg’s ad that shows 3 eager children sleeping downstairs in the hope of catching Santa in the act of delivering their presents. During the night, one of the children wake up to find Santa. He enjoys a lovely bowl of Kellogg’s the children had left out for him.  She takes a piece before returning to sleep alongside her oblivious siblings. Undeniably one of the most notable Kellogg’s ads there has ever been.



An iconic Christmas ad is that of the Guinness 2004’s one. Synonymous with Christmas, for many people this ad signifies the start of the holiday season. The ad features significant places and things in Dublin as a blanket of snow begins to cover the city. Memorable for its line “Even at the home of the black stuff they dream of a white one” it’s held in a high regard amongst the Irish people.


Coca Cola

The story follows a young boy who hears the Coca Cola trucks approaching his town and begins ringing the church bells to let the townspeople know that they are coming. People flood to the streets in anticipation and as the convoy of trucks roll through the town, the Christmas lights light up. Matched with great music, this ad much like the Kelloggs and Guinness ones, remains a classic even though it was first released in 1997.


A new favourite this year is that of Marks and Spencer’s Mrs Claus ad. The ad tells the story of Jake, who ruins his sister’s shoes and enlists the help of Mrs Claus to help replace them. A kick ass Mrs. Claus uses her snowmobile to get to her red helicopter that she flies around the world fulfilling the wishes of children. She flies to Jakes and leaves his sisters present under the tree whilst stealing Santa’s mince pies for herself. Surprised by the name tag, Jake’s sister opens the gift to find a new pair of shoes.


Even if Christmas ads, songs, presents and lights aren’t your thing, just remember that that’s not what this time of year is about. It’s about seeing friends and family, perhaps pets, spending time with them, laughing, singing, dancing, partying, doing everything you can when you have this time together. There’s always someone who’ll be glad to see you, that’s what you need to remember about Christmas this year.