The importance of taking a break during Mid-Term

With one week to go and the mid-term break looming around the corner, it has been a tough few weeks trying to get settled back in after the summer, also between an unforgiving timetable, early starts and of course trying to keep up with the heavy workload, reading and assignments, it has been a stressful and tiring few weeks trying to keep a balance of all this and manage my time right and I’m sure I’m not the only student who feels this way so a well earned week off is definitely on the cards and I’m personally looking forward to having a week away from the books, well maybe a small bit of revision so as not to be completely unproductive but nothing heavy and certainly no essay writing.

So in a week’s time we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to other aspects of our life’s we may have neglected, For me personally I will use the majority of this week to catch up with old friends, lying off on the couch trying to finish the sons of anarchy series I started watching years ago but never got to the end of and maybe do a few days work I have on offer then subsequently blow the dough in the pub getting hammered maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally enjoy a night out especially after a stressful few weeks, so whatever you are into either, its the gaming, walking, gym, watching TV reading, Facebook or even just spending the best part of your day sleeping enjoy your week off, you have all earned it.

Spending the week relaxing and rebooting also has some benefits, it gives some free time to get back into hobbies which I think is the best way to give your brain a break from the academic pressures and a great way to put you back into a positive mind-set for when you return after Halloween. After all they say that the is like a muscle which becomes fatigued with continuous use and needs some downtime to ‘recover’. This downtime can replenish some cognitive functions like attention and motivation and help clear some of the brain fog some of you may also be feeling from weeks of college work all of which I feel effects my concentration and my ability to figure out problems and even trying to retain new information and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels these effects.

So whatever it is you like to do when you have free time by all means take advantage of the week off and relax maybe do a small bit of college work but keep it minimal that is my plan anyway but I’m probably only fooling myself, for the most part relax and I’m sure when we return in Halloween we will all feel the benefits of taking a break and ready to hit the books again with refreshed enthusiasm. I know I will.

I hope you all enjoy the break and have fun!