The Kardashians are Key

If you’re like me, marathoning Keeping Up with the Kardashians gives you a terrible vocal fry and causes you to be a bit brattier immediately after. However, this show has a lot of value and there are some serious pros to watching it. This family delivers some serious life lessons:


1: How to react to negative situations:

One of the strongest skillsets you can learn from this TV show is how to hit the haters where it hurts. The Kardashians show us how to savagely shut down those who mess with you. Kim Kardashian’s most iconic method of dealing with her sisters’ rudeness was to barge in and whack Khloe with a handbag while telling her not to be fucking rude. Or there was that time in Kourtney and Kim Take New York when Kim tore into Khloe for waking her (via email, no less). According to Khloe, Kim called her an “ugly evil little troll” and implied Khloe was jealous and spiteful of Kim’s life. Oh, and let’s not forget the time Kris threw Kim’s phone over her shoulder and Kim reacted by marching up the stairs with Kris’ and throwing it from the second floor… Perhaps the lesson here is not to fuck with Kim?


2: Work hard, play hard:

You don’t want to disappoint Khloe and be a boring whore your whole life. Whether it’s keg stands, getting in disguise and calling out your tour guide for telling lies about the Kardashians and associates. But this family really does work hard. Momager Kris Jenner works to schedule her gaggle of children’s work lives as they do photoshoots and interviews, scope properties for their Dash stores, design affordable clothes lines (if you include Rob’s sock line, all of Kris’ children have clothes lines), and –  for Kim, Kendall, and Kylie –  design mobile gaming apps (Kim’s game earned about $100 million dollars in its first year and a half). You can’t say this family isn’t ambitious.


3: Don’t take yourself too seriously:

When the Kardashian gang take themselves a bit too seriously, there’s always someone there to remind them to tone it down. One of the most iconic occurrences was when Kim lost her earring while swimming on a family vaycay. As she sobbed, the camera zoomed in on Kourtney who reminded her, in her ever droll voice, that “there are people that are dying.” This family loves pranks and wind-ups. Kim, having been branded by Scott as “the most boring person ever” went on Chat Roulette with him and even flashed strangers! And, of course, there’s the Todd Kraines prank. I won’t go into detail. You should know what that is by now.


4: Be indestructible:

Kris Jenner is excellent at brushing off the haters. The haters are mainly her daughters. Remember that time Kris was doing a skimpy photoshoot and her daughters told her they were embarrassed for her life AND her soul? Or when Kendall and Kylie tweeted a picture of her peeing? The Kardashian Jenner daughters are always making light fun of their mam but Kris stays doing her thing. She still goes on to do pole-dancing classes in Season 9, upstaging Kim and Blac Chyna!


5: Family first:

OK, so not every set of siblings is going to be comfortable waxing each other’s pubes (and that didn’t work out too well for Khloe either, whose downstairs was burnt by Kourtney in the act), but what we can do is be there for each other like they are. Whether it’s helping with body confidence issues, deflecting negative media attention, squashing rumours, or even just complimenting your sister’s Tumblr blog, the Kardashian Jenners know how to look out for each other.


6: Most importantly: there’s never a bad time to take a selfie!:

Not even if your sister is going to jail.