The MU seating situation

As we are through the six or so weeks of the first half term in Maynooth University I have begun to notice a few things about the university. One thing in particular (alongside the reading lists and assignments) has stood out to me, there appears to be a lack of seating in both campuses, the south campus in particular. There is seating provided on campus here in Maynooth yet I consistently find myself along with groups of others unable to find chairs in the common room or any of the many restaurants or cafés on campus. I can perfectly understand the restaurants’ point of view as they have to maintain a business and need those sitting in their building to have payed yet I still believe that more public seating should be available for those who just want to chat or discuss college work with one another.

The student common room is a very nice place for students to meet up and eat yet the high number of students present on campus means that it fills up very quickly. Perhaps a building similar to the common room on south campus would be a large factor in solving many of the seat shortages. The seating in the Arts Block is also consistently full and by no fault of anyone sitting there, simply because of a lack of alternatives. A recent MU times article also commemorated the loss of the ‘Bunker’, a great meeting place for students of all ages, in particular mature students; reading this I felt that we should be encouraging integration into college by having places such as the ‘Bunker’, not tearing them down.

Many students of this university may have no trouble finding places to sit but for those who do, I feel that even a small number of extra seats better spread all over the university would make a difference and could perhaps even make many future fresher’s integration into college that bit more effective than it already is. While the costs involved in building will naturally make this difficult I hope that in the future Maynooth University will receive some new public seating areas for students.