College life can get quite stressful sometimes, with the combination of workload and social life to contend with many of us will and probably already have come to a point where we start to become concerned about our mental health. Coming into exam time where stress has the potential to become a problem I feel it is important to remember that there are facilities for talking about your problems if you need to, some of them even available through the night. In the following article I hope to make these highly helpful services known to those who need them now and those who may need them in the future.

  • The University here in Maynooth has a fully free, professional and confidential Student Counselling Service in which students can talk on a one to one basis about private concerns that they feel might be impacting on any part of their academic or social life. This service is willing to talk to you and encourages you to come to them if you feel that you are experiencing difficulties that are having more than a small effect on your life. As the Student Counselling Service website says ‘Deciding to speak with a counsellor can be a positive step towards making life better for you’.
  • Also available here in Maynooth is the Pastoral Care Service. This service offers an open door drop in service for any student who is looking for pastoral, emotional, physical or spiritual care. Those of any faith or none can go to Pastoral Care Services for a safe, confidential and hospitable environment that gives support for any difficulties they may be facing. This service treats students with empathy and positivity no matter their problem.
  • A major service for students in Maynooth experiencing difficulties is This is a voluntary, student-run organisation that runs a telephone and online information and listening service which listens to any student’s problem in an understanding way and without judgement. This service is fully confidential and those who call can talk about anything that is on their minds, academic or otherwise.

As we approach exam time and inevitably enter into the second term here in Maynooth those of you reading can take comfort in knowing that if you are experiencing problems, you are not alone and that there exist people and places that will and want to help you get through hard times. To everyone reading, MU Times wishes you the best in your exams and a happy future in Maynooth University.


  • Niteline’s number is Freephone 1800 793 793.
  • University Counselling Service’s number is (01) 708 3554
  • Pastoral Care Service’s numbers are (01) 708 3469 / 087 148 2196