Trinity security moves against students

Trinity security has closed off access to the toilets and are not allowing entry to the Dining hall. In protest students were holding a occupation against an increase in repeat exam fees. Trinity initiated this despite 80% of the student body voting against this.

In a statement to MU Times Orlaith Hollands via email wrote; “…60 Trinity Students were locked into the Dining Hall as part of the ongoing occupation in Trinity College Dublin. External Security services are now
blocking all entrances into the Dining Hall. Security have made it clear that no food or water
will be permitted into the Dining hall. Toilet access has also been cut off. Students will be permitted to leave the building if they wish. Access to all other parts of the Dining hall have been cut off, and students have been
warned that the doors are now alarmed. If the alarm is triggered an emergency response
unit will be immediately sent.”

There has also being a strong reaction to this move by Trinity on Twitter: