Valentines Day

With Valentine’s day just around the corner many of us may feel the sense of obligation, that comes with one of the most celebrated day of the year. The day has always been seen as a day of romance. That special day you celebrate and display your affections for the person you love. It should be a day about people and to celebrate the bond they have for each other, a day centred around love but it has quickly become a day about consumerism. An opportunity for companies to cash in. Lately it appears to be more about promoting consumerism than love and enhancing the feeling of loneliness for single people.

Although Valentines which I believe  was originally a religious holiday to celebrate a martyr a day of  love and it does give the opportunity to express your feeling to that special person in your life, Over time it has become a ‘hallmark Holiday’ driven by consumerism as the run up to Valentine’s Day will see people flock to book restaurant’s for an evening of fine dining, Card and drugs shops will be flocked with people trying to find that perfect card not to mention the oversized teddy, chocolates, the roses and expensive jewellery. The day has increasingly been known as a ‘hallmark holiday’. A day people increasingly accept it has a day existing for its commercial value, aided by clever marketing aimed at relieving you of some hard-earned cash. What makes this one day of the year so special? Does it make up for the rest of the year of petty arguments and disagreements? Which all couples have no matter how much they love each other.

Another thing is this ‘hallmark holiday’ is all about couples and unless you are the type of person who enjoys solitude and prefer to be single, it can be a day that to some singletons, can make them feel particularly lonely and down. It must be hard for some who see friends, family and loved ones getting ready to go out with partners for that special date or what not. On this day and indeed the run up to it, it may be appear to be the case that a lot of your friends are in relationships as all the hype and talk of your friends plans has persistently become the monotonous topic  of conversation. This can obviously leads to someone questioning their own self worth and also the circumstances of their situation, exacerbating their feeling of loneliness. Been single has its positives though you have the freedom to do what-ever you want, you don’t have to deal with the emotional turmoil of a relationship or been stuck in a bad relationship even which is more common than you think. Another thing is you can relax this Valentine’s Day take some me time and do what-ever you like Because you don’t have to but into an empty day of roses, expensive restaurants and public displays of affection.

Happy couples are romantic on regular occasions and in different ways without the need for the consumerist crap Valentine’s Day is about. For those in a relationship your feeling for one another should be something done regularly and not just on a special hallmark day that has become increasing shallow and aimed towards consumerism.