Why Bother with the Fuss of Valentine’s Day? ❤

What is Valentine’s Day? Is it a money making construct created by the greeting card industry? Is it a genuine and sincere time of year where you can profoundly express your love and affection for those you care about? Is it both? Is it either? Does it really matter? Maybe it doesn’t bother you, maybe it does.

Regardless of your opinions on Valentine’s Day, it sends a somewhat concerning message.

‘All you need to do is make a big deal about the ones you love on February 14th and that’s it. That’s you sorted for another 365 days. Congratulations, you’re free to do whatever you want from here on out. You’ve survived.

Don’t worry about making any feel appreciated any other time of year because that doesn’t make any sense. That’s why we invented Valentine’s Day.’

Sound familiar? Of course it does. We all do it. We’re all drawn in by the glitter, fancy chocolate and gifts. We feel obliged to participate in it. Does it put pressure on people in relationships? Does it make single people feel like crap? Perhaps it does, so what can we do to change this? Stop putting so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day being the be all and end all of a relationship.

You might go all out on the day, you might just order in some Chinese food, send someone a text or not doing anything at all but the important thing that needs to be remembered is that you shouldn’t just be showing your loved ones that you care on that one particular day of the year.

You need to make the effort to show the important people in your life just how special they are to you. Now, I know not everyone has a boyfriend/girlfriend but it shouldn’t matter. Everyone has someone they value in their lives; it could your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbours.

So instead of making an effort just for Valentine’s Day why not do it all year round? I’m not saying you need to shower with gifts, texts, random visits or spend all your time with them. Just make them feel that they’re valued and appreciated.

Obviously, they’re important if you’re willing to have them around in your life so instead of whining about, remind them that they’re awesome for tolerating you this far. They all matter and they deserved to be reminded of that.