Why You Need to Vote

With the upcoming Students Union Elections, nearly upon us, it’s important to remember that you can have your say by using your vote.

It’s fair to say that Irish people like to complain about politics. If it’s not about the Taoiseach, it’s the power struggle in Northern Ireland and even Trump. So many people complain about those in positions of power but do they all use their vote? The answer is no. They’ll quite happily criticise and condemn those who are making decisions even though they didn’t use their vote. I can’t understand why people don’t vote. Sure, you might not like everyone up for an election but there still needs to be people in power. So, vote for the person who you dislike the least, that’s a start. The fact is that you are using your vote not wasting it by trying to make a point or a stand against those in power.

It’s a privilege to be given the right to vote even if it’s only for your local GAA board committee, county council elections, general elections and even the Student Unions Elections. Not everyone has the right the vote, some fought for the right and many still fight for their say in today’s world.

The role of the Students Union is to work and promote student involvement on campus and hosting numerous different campaigns and events in the hope of getting students mote actively involved in student life on campus.

There are several roles up for grabs in the Student Union elections including President, VP for Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement, Welfare, Education, Promotions Officers, Oifigeach na Gaeilge, Mature Student Officer and many more.

If you want your say on issues that affect you, your time in Maynooth and the university as a whole then you need to go out and vote for those you think can assertively and creatively lead the Students Union. If you don’t think there is anyone suitable for any of the Student Unions role, then why not put yourself forward. Do you like working in a challenging environment? Do you enjoy working with other students and young people? Then any of the roles above would suit you. Campaigning starts on the 2nd of March and voting takes place on the 10th and 11th of March.

Even if running for any of those positions doesn’t interest you there’s still no reason why you shouldn’t get involved in the elections. Go help a friend who’s running by campaigning and advocating for them.  I know that I’ll be out supporting and encouraging people to vote for a friend of mine, so you should too.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t vote, it takes less than 5 minutes, so get out there and do it. Your vote can make a difference.