X-Factor’s Cheryl Fernandez-Versini under pressure

Since February, X-Factor’s Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, more commonly known as Cheryl Cole, and One Direction’s Liam Payne have been teasing fans, by posting cosy photos of themselves online.

Although the couple haven’t exactly kept their relationship a big secret it’s believed that Cheryl may be already fearing for the relationship as a source told Heat magazine that ‘their every move is under scrutiny and Cheryl’s scared that the pressure could prove too much and end up splitting them up.’

The pressure, the former Girls Aloud singer, was referring to was a series of alleged jealous online attacks from One Direction fans, some of which took issue with Cheryl’s age as she is ten years older than the 22 year old Liam Payne whereas others were merely jealous that the relationship featured heartthrob Liam Payne, but they are not the only ones who aren’t happy with the couple’s new found romance.

French restaurateur Jean-Bernard married Cheryl in July 2014, after just three months of dating. The couple split up, a little over 13 months later, in August 2015 and Cheryl is said to have filed for a divorce in January, claiming that they had irreconcilable differences.

Jean-Bernard has since reportedly titled the relationship between Cheryl and Liam Payne a ‘stunt’. A friend of his also reported to The Sun newspaper that Jean-Bernard felt humiliated and insulted by Cheryl’s actions as he wanted to salvage the marriage before news broke out about Cheryl’s new relationship. This source also expressed his own opinion of the relationship, to The Sun newspaper, by saying ‘What could be better for Cheryl’s career? An unknown Frenchman as her husband or a boyband star ten years her junior?”

Louis Walsh, Cheryl’s former co-judge on X-factor also made a slam at the relationship when referring to Cheryl and her position as a judge on the show. Louis claimed that Cheryl has “lost a bit of energy, she should go away, make a record and maybe record another hit.” The 63 year old followed up his comment by saying that the One Direction star wouldn’t be enough for Cheryl to find her spark.

Despite all the media coverage the couple still continues to share loved up photos of themselves online, looking as happy and in love as can be.